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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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baltimore teacher's union, maryeta english accepted my offer that our coach is better than their coach and she is putting up crab and seasoning against ours and we are going to use one chocolate and not ghirardeli chocolate and perhaps some wine and we think it may go some distance to convince ms. english to relocate here but we look forward to have the 12 chesapeake crabs to share and apparently when they give you the seasoning you have to cook them yourself. thank you very much. >> barbara [inaudible] >> hi. thank you very much. i would like to say a few words about the certa communication handout they presented. it is a great tool in a non violated,
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non abusive environment, so for it to work you really have to have a much better word, a word in which the department of health and human services has all the. >> >> >> money they can spend and we can make some headway and we couldn't teach it without a team of psychologists and if we simply pass this information on to the teachers and counselors and can be taught to students on a one by one basis with problems of being abused or with problems of being abusive. i can testify it's worked for me and my sons. it's a primary agreement my partner and i had for our 27 year relationship. it promotes well being, intimate relationships and it provides
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personal growth process, and for those who are familiar with the psychology involved with the certa communication it will help those non non abusive to identify and avoid those that are, so -- i want to thank you for your ear and i know this isn't a great presentation as the non violent parenting one and should be done first and the presentation and can't be implemented for lack of funds. you have more important things and preventing violent and bringing back art and paying the teachers more richly so thank you so much. >> all right. now i have a number of cards from creativards. let's see. (calling speakers) your group
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has a choice. you may have two minutes per speaker like i gave the other individuals. if you would like to have an untimed presentation i can give you five minutes but you don't need to deal with the timer going off. >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> i didn't call your name yet. >> [inaudible] >> no. i didn't call your name. no. thank you. i will -- i have your card sir and i will call you. >> thank you. >> okay. hi board,
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superintendent. good evening. my son is a fifth grader at creative arts charter school and has attended there since kindergarten and i am here because of the proposal to move gateway at upon campus and next year and our campus is too small to fit the kids from gateway. it would mean over crowding the campus and 500 and with gateway there it would be over 600 the following year when we expand it will be 700 there are problems on parking, double parking in the area. i don't know if you travel that way in the morning but it's almost gridlock. also the following year after they move in one of the schools -- like i said there is not enough room and creative arts -- we
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have moved three times and all we're asking for is -- oh also not to mention we have uprooted because of the fire and lost our cafeteria and performance base and we're asking for some stability where we can continue to grow and our kids can be in a fostering community environment, and i guess that's about it. my two minutes are probably running out, and so instead a short term solution i ask that you guys put your brains together and come up with a long-term solution where we can be at our campus and my son can grate there in eighth grade. >> ma'am, could you state your name? >> sorry. my name is monica collins. thank you. >> good evening. my name is
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lillian car don'ta and my was and i have two daughters at creative arts charter school, a kindergartener and a second grader. i know people have expressed what an amazing and strong community we have at creative arts and i can confirm what everyone is saying is true. i am honestly uneasy with the prospect of combining the schools in the same space. i'm the mother of two young students who would be impacted, and over run i feel by addition of 300 middle school age children. our yard space is very small compared to other public school locations and i'm not saying those should be subject to be combined but born and raised in the city i know what other schools look like. since the december 2012 fire our kids are force the to eat the lunches
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outside on the black top and it was a cold winterer and i felt for my kids when they asked for a hot lunch because it was cold outside and even after the remodel is done after the fire we will still only have one cafeteria to share and right now we already have -- we already have like -- the younger kids go at another time and the older kids go at another time but to add 300 kids to schedule even just to have lunch i don't see -- i don't want my kids eating lunch at 10:00 a.m. in the morning, and i was present when representatives from our school spoke before you at the january 8 meeting, and what really stood out in my mind there were accolades and celebrations for one of our public emersion schools and getsing the recognition they so
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deserve for academic achievements but through it all all i could think of all our kids want is the opportunity to growth and rise and achieve excellence at one location and we would love to give our kids the opportunity to wow you. thank you. >> good evening. my name is karen [inaudible] and i am a kindergarten parent at creative arts charter school. our family is a bilingual family so choosing the school was for me very stressful but when we chose creative arts charter school we were very sure that our son -- that was the correct place where our son could thrive. my son
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looks forward to go to school everyday. my son tells me that he loves math. his teacher tells me how well he's doing in math, and my son also tells me how he loves learning to read, and we practice every night, but my son also tells me how he sits on the black top with the other children to eat his lunch. he also tells me how he wants to chuck out books from the school library and unfortunately the school is not ready to have a full functioning cafeteria or library, but we are very close and we are very excited, and as a newt creative arts charter parent we are excited to add to our school -- to the school
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curriculum. we have been discussing with other parents the initial phase for creating a spanish curriculum, but one very important thing that we need is space for that. we need space for the children to thrive and learn and adding 300 more students to our space is not the answer, and would impede the growth that we all want. i know for sure my son and your children -- your son and your children will not thrive in an environment which is cramped and hectic and stressful. this is what will happen -- >> please wrap disblup this will happen in this space so we are asking the board please, please strongly consider these factors. let me -- >> i need you to wrap up ma'am.
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>> okay. find a long-term solution. we want the same opportunities that other children that are thriving. thank you. >> good evening everyone, school board, and superintendent. my name is rudy corpus. i'm a parent, proud parent of my three kids who go to creative arts. i got one of myself kids on the honor role but i'm here to talk about the coexist annual bringing. >> >> gateway middle school elementary school to the schoo. i feel it's a bad idea. it wouldn't work for either school. the campus is too small than comparable schools. it would mean over 700 kids which makes no sense especially when there are more schools with more space and less kids. i think a lot of parents already talked about how much the school's been through
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already and how a lot of kids have to eat on the black top which i don't think is good, but i think it's important to know my main issue is the safety and the academics. i run a violence prevention program that has been in the school district for 18 years now. we started at balboa before they reconstituted the schools and one of the reasons it was bad because of the emersion of the schools not knowing who is moving who and the neighborhood caused a lot of the problems and i think making an impact and making it effective is really paying attention of the academic s and the safety to the kids which is most important to me so i think it's a bad idea to merge another school and in conclusion i just want to say to the board here you guys have the powers and intelligence ntsd to put people where they're not safe and not for the kids, the school and
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the surroundings there. i feel our program has made an impact and neutral of minimizing the violence going on in the schools and this is one of the red flags i have been raising to the school district for a long time and merging kids and not knowing where you're putting kids at for safety. hopefully you guys can make the right choice. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is ross hammen and a parent of two kids at creative arts. i have been on the board of directors at creative arts for the last four years and involved in discussions with facilities with the district and before my formal comments -- go 49ers. sorry i have cardinal red. that's the closest we could get, so you have heard from our parents, both today and at the
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last board meeting. i know you have gotten hundreds of letters. i adopt to recognize and express our appreciation. in the last week mike davis, david goldman, deputy superintendent lee convened a meeting between creative arts and gateway to discuss the facility situation and while i was not at the meeting but apparently there wasn't obviously agreement on everything we were encouraged to hear at that meeting there is agreement that colocation of these two schools on the golden gate campus will not work for the following school year, meaning 2014-2015 and apparently at the meeting they made the commitment to work with the schools to find a long-term solution as soon as possible. as i was saying you heard from the board, hundreds of parents. we continue to believe that colocating gateway and creative
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arts even for next year is illegal and not good for the students. it also creates unnecessary tension with two schools with a great history of working well together so we ask this option taken off of the table and not part of the offers sent out this week, but what is worse is the continued uncertainty of where the schools will be located and not good for the kids or the parenting or staff and this will not work at this time and their commitment to find a long-term solution to the two school facilities and welcome development. finally i know we can count on you, the board, to support this process and be be involved in finding a creative solution so we can settle this issue once and for all. thank you very much. >> okay. carlos ramere ez.
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going once. okay. i have called mr. ramere ez. he's not here. (calling speakers). >> my name is willy radcliff and i am sure all of you received a copy of a letter that i got from your general counsel, darnel davis. going to go ahead with the request for proposals that completely blocks us out with no -- not even local hire, not
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anything. and what it says here is that the process requires california law regarding the award of construction contracts by the school. well, california law -- there is also the 14th amendment which specifically mentions contracts, over right 209, any state law, so we are pe petitioning the school district -- we have been talking to you for six months. even with the new superintendent here we have been talking to you demanding in a way, but still talking to you because we have other methods we could use. for you all to -- you're the board. you don't want to make the decisions around here. one thing is hard
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about the board is the fact that you guys -- all of you is city wide. we need to put you under the same thing that the board of supervisors is under, districts. you add four more people to your board. now, just do what they do and you see the difference it makes. i am sure you read in the chronicle about the mountain of people of color that's been helped. i would like a little more time because this was sent straight to me to explain my thing. >> why don't your group -- you're all talking roughly on the same topic, correct? you're talking about the same topic about contracting? >> yes ; right. q. so why don't you -- you've had two minutes and take eight more minutes for the eight of you to speak. we won't run the
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timer every two minutes but when the remaining eight minutes is up then your time sup. >> all right. i just want to let the board know the fight is on. the gloves are off. we would like you to sit down and work with us. you make the decisions, but that's what you need to know that you need to work with us because we will do whatever it takes to stop you. thank you. >> good evening. my name is robert woods and i'm the chairman of the black human rights leadership council of san francisco, and what i am here to talk to you about is some years
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ago i sat on an ad hoc committee for los angeles unified school district which was set up for minority participation to participate in the dollars that was spent on schools in los angeles, and it gave people of color a chance to be a part of this. here you do not have that of such. now, i have been a consultant to schools. i have -- i was a plan checker. i was a osa inspector, building inspector for schools. i have built schools. i approved schools. i approved well over a half billion dollars in school construction in the southern california office. this is not my first rodeo is talking to people of this caliber who has
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the power to do something. when minorities don't participate you find a [inaudible] streak and that's what we have here. we have a third streak that crippled and you will not give the community a chance to participate in employment. that's absurd. they observe a chance like anyone else. you have spent money. you spent billions of dollars and the community has been -- you have whistled past the grave yard. the grave yard is waking up, and there will be people waiting for willie brown's school to open up
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because they closed it down one time and i tell you they would do it again. i'm not threatening you. how can i threaten you guys? but i'm telling you what's out there. we need employment for those young kids out there. we need employment for that community, and to not have some type of deal or policy in the plans in the sticks that give the community a chance to participate. i say shame on you. shame on you. shame on you. shame on you. >> good evening. scott tee
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hawkins o query black leadership council of san francisco. i agree with the two speakers ahead of me. but i didn't come down here for that. i came because of the martin luther king school. i live up the street from that school and was headed here for the press conference which happened to be on his birthday, actual birthday. passed by that school and heard on the loud speaker a female voice coming over the pa system telling the students "we're going to have a march to commemorate martin luther king a birthday. wear your white t shirts. that is going to signify peace and justice" and i thought, well, hey i'm going down to the board of education to a demonstration about
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tobias, this good worker who put his all into the students at the school and this principal that pit this child down. i couldn't wrap my mind around that. here she is on the loud speaker talking about peace and justice and wearing white t shirts but i'm taking my retirement time because i'm retired to head down to demonstrate against someone like that. it just didn't fit. now, i am wearing this t shirt "stop the killing. start the healing" , a campaign we had in the 80's. it started in the 80's with ben verrein where we were trying to get gun legislation and things going. we didn't wait until a bunch of white kids got killed in connecticut. we have been
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trying to get our community straight all that time. these children are suffering from ptsd and there should be a way they should be taken care of, the way the principal was telling that child is not the way, and if that is what you have running these schools you need to rethink who you hire, and who you have over our children, and i would thank you to do just that. check with barbara garcia at bph and mental health and get their acts together. thank you. >> my name is mike brown and i am with this coalition and we definitely need opportunities for contract scpors i don't know what happened to prop 209 but i hope you guys stand up and do a set a side for the blacks because we want to be independent too. we see what is happening in the communities and the money is coming from
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overseas and we can't compete, the housing and construction and when the kids are falling through the cracks we can't catch them and we need you all to help us. i was invited to mlk from the reverend to participate in the celebration and we went to the classroom and we had them listening to the speech and it was following along with the speech because it was typed out for them. we gave them some treats and goodies because we put kids first. i didn't realize when they were having the controversy when we were brought into the gym they were handing out certificates for the leader who is was being recognized as peace leaders. there were 17 kids called, not one african-american got a certificate. thank god that mike brown came and cave them all a certificate in
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mr. shornberg class and i participated and held my workshop. whatever african-americans in that class they got a certificate because we gave it to them but in that school not one black kid got a certificate and i didn't know about the stuff going on at mlk so please wake up you all. >> i'm not a preacher but my name is fouz. i was born in san francisco -- i'm sorry. gym comment is closed now. >> >> i don't have a card for you. >> but i'm going to speak anyway. i'm the guy they're talking about. i'm the guy they're talking about that -- i'm the guy that don't have a job. i'm the guy out there homeless. i'm the guy live on third and the only one besides ought the rest of the
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african-americans -- >> sir, you're out of order. >> you know what they tell me? i need to have -- >> sir -- are they getting -- >> you got all the money.
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